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The Conference

The Conference is ENCORE’s driving force and is intended to be a high political level summit, taking place every two years. The Conference shapes and guides the work of the network. It takes stock of the progress made between Conferences and approves the political strategy of ENCORE. Each Conference has one or more specific themes.

Herning ENCORE Conference 2018

Next Conference: Arnhem 2023

Bi-annual political conference ENCORE & YouthCORE Conference in Arnhem, Netherlands
This year, ENCORE celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the Province of Gelderland will host the biennial conference September 28th and September 29th in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The ENCORE common goals are improving environmental governance, fostering sustainable development, and contributing to the effective implementation of EU environmental policy.
The conference will feature keynote speeches on achieving zero emissions through climate action, maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, and integrating a circular society, panel discussions, workshops, site visits and networking events.
The conference will be held in conjunction with an innovative festival focusing on the energy transition and circular economy. This year, "The Future of Us" presents a unique opportunity for over 500 politicians, entrepreneurs, policy advisors, researchers, and youth to come together and discuss these important topics.

Expert Workshops

With the support of the EU TAIEX funding, the exchange on the three ENCORE topics between the experts from the regions will be made facilitated.

TAIEX logo

Montpellier Meeting

TAIEX-EIR Multi-country workshop "Make space for biodiversity: regional action to mainstream biodiversity and empower stakeholders", 21-23 March 2023

Munich Meeting

TAIEX-EIR Multi-country workshop “Climate Adaptation and blue infrastructure: Examples across European regions”, 30 May - 1 June 2022

Last Conference: ENCORE 2021

The three main topics discussed at the last Conference in Tullamore in 2021 were:

  • Maintaining and enhancing Ecosystem Services
  • Transitioning to a Circular Society
  • Achieving Zero Emissions through Climate Action

The Just Transition concept was central to the 2021 Conference, and framed the discussions on three specific themes. Indeed, achieving a Just Transition will require action on all of these fronts, and more. The three themes also represent a continuation of the ENCORE network’s efforts in these areas, following on from the work of the ENCORE 2018 Conference in Herning, Denmark.

For more information please visit the conference homepage ENCORE 2021.

A promotional picture of the Tullamore Conference 2021 with ENCORE and EMRA logos, datum and the slogan: "Regional Collaboration for a Green and Sustainable Transistion"

The next Conference ENCORE 2023 will take place will take place in Gelderland, Netherlands.

History of Conferences (PDF)


During each Conference, a progress Report is presented on the activities carried out since the last Conference. Since 2014, a youth Conference takes place in the run up to the Ministers' Conference. The conference arrangements and other activities are handled by the regions in close cooperation with the ENCORE Steering Group.

Tullamore Declaration 2021 (PDF)

Herning Declaration 2018 (PDF)

Declarations and results of past ENCORE Conferences are provided by the ENCORE Secretariat. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the list of the Declarations.