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In 2014, the first ENCORE youth Conference took place. By involving young people in the discussion about the future environmental policy in the European regions, the ENCORE network is becoming even more sustainable. Since YouthCORE usually takes place in the week before, the output serves as a crucial input for the ENCORE Conference and Ministers discussions.

Since 2014, a youth conference takes place in the run up of the Ministers Conference. The conference arrangements and other activities are handled by the Regions in close cooperation with the ENCORE Steering Group.

YouthCORE Arnhem 2023

Group picture of the participants of YouthCORE 2023 in Arnhem

At the same time as the ENCORE conference in Arnhem, on 28 and 29 September 2023, also the YouthCORE Conference took place. Young participants from more than 10 countries gathered to engage in discussions about addressing significant climate challenges. In just two days, they came up with valuable recommendations for ENCORE's policymakers.

It's truly impressive to witness what this group of young individuals achieved in such a short time, and their efforts give hope for the future!

YouthCORE Tullamore 2021

ENCORE Tullamore 2021 also continued the YouthCORE tradition, and held a youth conference leading up to the main event. YouthCORE ensures the voices of young people are heard and the YouthCORE outputs form a crucial input for the ENCORE Conference and the ministers’ discussions.

In 2021 the YouthCORE delegates have been meeting in a series of workshops to discuss ENCORE topics, share experiences from their respective regions and to build a common message of what future the youth delegates want in their regions. The participants created a board with examples of work being done in their regions within the Conference themes and a WordCloud of environmental solutions. Finally at YouthCORE 2021 Conference in September, delegates created and presented “postcards” to their future selves describing how they would like to see the world in 20-years’ time. All this work can be viewed in the Tullamore Conference exhibit stand.