Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe

Open Days

During the Open Days 2016, ENCORE was proud to be co-organising the workshop “Regions Open for Green Business: Environment Legislation as a Driving Force”. On the invitation of DG Environment and in co-operation with the Committee of the Regions’ ENVE Commission, several ENCORE regions showed examples on how they promote green growth in their regions.

Regions play a major role in promoting green growth because they are close to entrepreneurs and other important stakeholders involved in the “greening the economy” process. The presented how the current EU environmental policy promotes green growth at regional and local level and looked at success stories which clearly showed the contribution of European regions to foster a greener economy. Co-moderated by ENCORE Chair Minister Rolf Holub (Carinthia), the ENCORE regions of Catalunya, Bavaria and Drenthe as well as some member regions and cities of the Committee of the Regions presented best practices and case studies which aim at promoting green business, innovation and job creation.

This workshop formed the 6th meeting of the CoR/EC Technical Platform for Cooperation on the Environment, which seeks to contribute to a better implementation of EU environment law.

The presentations held during the workshop can be found here
Pictures can be found here

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