Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe



6-8 March 2019: CHANGE the CHANGE - International Conference on Climate Change in Donostia San Sebastián, Basque Country

February 2019: Next SG-Meeting in North Karelia, Finland


best (and worst) practices

ENCORE invites you to present best but also worst practices of your region, to exchange experiences and to enter into a interregional discussion. Please leave your comments, feedback, questions, projects, documents on
Internet platform to exchange best (and worst) practices

We would like you to start a vivid discussion and to give examples of projects etc

ENCORE has become supporting partner of the Compact of States and Regions.

By becoming supporting partner of the former Compact of States and Regions ( see Official Welcome ENCORE), ENCORE regions have committed themselves do reveal their progress achieved in climate adaptation and mitigation. To that end, ENCORE collaborates with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which provides a platform to gather and systemize climate action information. Reporting your efforts will not only help you track your progress on climate action, but will also allow you to learn the successful experiences from others and therefore, improve your actions and get global support. ENCORE strongly believe that subnational governments play a vital role in driving climate action.

For more information see also: The Climate Group website or contact Chris Thorpe (Email:chris.thorpe@cdp.net, Phone: +44 (0) 203 818 3918) or Alice de Palma (Email:alice.depalma@cdp.net, Phone: +44 (0) 203 818 3943).

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