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At the ENCORE conference 2014 and for the first time in the history of ENCORE, an ENCORE youth conference, called YouthCORE, took place. By involving young people into the discussion about the future environment policy in the European regions, the ENCORE network becomes even more sustainable. Since the youth conferences are used to take place in the week before the ministers conference, the youthCORE output works as an crucial input for the ENCORE conference and the ministers discussions.

YouthCORE 2018 - Herning, Central Denmark Region

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YouthCORE 2016 Kärnten

YouthCORE 2014 Munich

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The conference took place at Schloss Hohenkammer (Bavaria, Germany), a historic building which was renovated about ten years ago and completed by some modern conference facilities.

Date: 11-16 May 2014

YouthCORE 2014 program

YouthCORE 2014 position paper

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