Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe

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The Conference is ENCORE’s driving force and is intended to be a high political level summit taking place every two years. It is addressed to the Environment Ministers and other relevant political leaders of the regions of Europe dealing with Environment and Sustainable Development issues. The Conference enables the discussion and establishment of common positions towards EU policies and legislation. Moreover, it enables the exchange of positions towards EU policies and legislation as well as experiences and good practices as a starting point for regional cooperation.

Herning, Central Denmark Region 2018

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Pörtschach 2016

Munich 2014

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The conference took place at Schloss Hohenkammer (Bavaria, Germany), a historic building which was renovated about ten years ago and completed by some modern conference facilities. Date: 11-16 May 2014.

Actionplan and declaration

Action Plan

Munich Declaration on Climate Change


Pauleit Stephan TU München

Rauch Ernst MunichRe

Ferrari Ben TheClimateGroup

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Senn Jürg IBK

Vera Natalia nrg4SD


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Measures on sustainability and resource efficiency

Overview on no. of participants from European regions

Assen 2012

Olsztyn 2010

Zaragoza 2008

Are 2006

Florence 2004

Villach 2001

Wexford 1999

Gothenburg 1997

Valencia 1995

Brussels 1993

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